Central Greece

Roumeli or Central Greece: The popular name for the region of Greece officially called "Steria Ellas"; it has similarities in its music and dance with the Morea though in general Roumeliotes prefer slower tempos. Roumeli is famous for its clarinet orchestras, though one can still hear the older zourna-daouli ensembles. The eastern regions have large numbers of "Arvanites" - Greeks of Albanian ancestry. In Attiki, there is a strong influence from Aegean Island music. The songs of Roumeli (and Morea) were considered the "national" music of Greece by early folklorists.


Kalamatianos:Mantili Kalamatiano: A syrto from Asia Minor. The song described the beautiful, silk handkerchiefs (mantilia) that were made in Kalamata, and handkerchiefs were used in the dance as well. After the war of independence, the kalamatiano became a Pan-Hellenic dance, and is currently the most popular of the syrtos.

Tsamiko:Also called Tsiamikos, Arvanitikos, and Kleftikos: This dance from Epirus was danced by men. The first person leads the dance held by a handkerchief, while the rest of the circle follows. During the war of independence, this dance became the most popular war dance throughout Greece, and is now a Pan-Hellenic dance, danced throughout all of Greece, including the Islands.

Sta Tria:

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